The architecture of the platform is built in such a way that the developer of business applications can focus on solving applied tasks of the subject area, as much as possible abstracting from low-level technologies.


The platform code is fully accessible for viewing and study. All applications are saved in text file format. This architecture is easily integrated into any collaborative software development system.

Web + Desktop

Two platform launch environments are supported. Your application will work without any changes in the web-environment, in the cloud environment and on the user's computer.

Optimized for cloud

The platform code is optimized specifically for working in a cloud environment. The number of requests to the application server is minimized, what provides high work speed. Also the number of queries to the database is minimized, that significantly reduces the cost of exploitation of the system and infrastructure in general.


The platform supports multitenancy. This means that it is possible to support many independent database segments in one physical database. Multitenant applications are ideal for delivering software "as a service" (SaaS).


All business applications are developed using the JavaScript (or TypeScript) programming language, which is one of the most popular in the world. More complicated tasks can be solved using any .NET Framework language.

Business processes

Support of business processes allows not only to record the facts of economic activity of the enterprise, but also to manage their sequence and conditions of execution. Role-based access control of executants with control of each stage of the process is supported.


Many types of integrations with other systems are supported. It is possible to work with the REST API in both directions, direct access to the database, integration with any .NET libraries. Work with external equipment, such as fiscal registrars, payment terminals etc, is also supported.

Latest news

Dedalsoft CPMS was released

On March 29, 2023, an automation system for construction companies from Dedalsoft was released.

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Joint webinar from Microsoft Ukraine and Bookkeeper SaaS

On April 10, 2020, a joint webinar from Microsoft Ukraine and Bookkeeper SaaS was held on the development of high-load cloud business systems based on the A2v10 platform using the DevOps methodology with examples of implementation.

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